3 countries in 11 days

In Australia, we have set ourselves monuments by creating a beautiful mosaique and building the worlds most beautiful compost a tour friend’s Michelle home. After 6 beautiful weeks in Cairns, the time has come to leave the „red continent“.

Real Art: Veros Mosaik

Real Art: Veros Mosaik

Schön, einzigartig, praktisch... Wer möchte nicht so einen tollen Designer-Kompost in seinem Garten haben?

Schön, einzigartig, praktisch… Wer möchte nicht so einen tollen Designer-Kompost in seinem Garten haben?

In Singapore, we stepped for the first time in three months again on Asian soil. Singapore is probably the cleanest and best developed and arranged city in Southeast Asia. But that also has its reason: For even smallest law breaking, heavy fines must be paid: Throwing away a chewing gum on the street, eating in the metro or „public peeing“ in the city park can become very expensive when noticed by a police officer!

Beautiful architecture in Singapore

Beautiful architecture in Singapore

After 24 hours in Singapore, we continued our trip in direction Hong Kong, the second country within 11 days: Our aim was to celebrate Veronicas birthday with real Chinese food. This goal, however, we have missed, as we took a trip to the third country within 11 days on exactly that day: to Macau. This city-state in the south of China is mainly known for its countless casinos, which are said to earn more money than those of Las Vegas. Since Macau was under Portuguese administration until 1999, traces of this land are visible everywhere: There is, for example ,Portuguese food, bilingual street signs, and various Catholic churches.


A truly exceptional city is Hong Kong! Since we spent most of our time there, we want to give you some personal impressions, facts and thoughts about this „country“. Have fun! (By the way, we got more than enough Chinese food in those 11 days. However, Veronica only did get 99% satisfied, because ….

– Hong Kong is not China. Who ever has been to China knows that Hong Kong (not only politically) has little in common with China. (So is the food: Only 99% Chinese! That explains Veros slight disappointment.)

– Hong Kong is the city that looks like a fog blanket during the day and shines like a sky full of cars during the day.

– In a big living house in Hong Kong live twice and three times as many people as in the village where I grew up.

– In a business center in Hong Kong work every day as many people as live in a small town in Switzerland.

– Hong Kong is the city where you can get something to eat at any time oft he day. Guaranteed!

– Hong Kong is one oft he few cities where football is not „king.“ (It is horse racing: The people here love gambling more than anything else!)

– Hong Kong is the city where eating ist he most important for ist population (followed by work and Horse Racing.)

– Hong Kong is the city, where you never should measure the quality of the restaurant by the cleanliness of the toilet (otherwise, one would starve, and on the other hand, one would miss a variety of delicious meals).

– Hong Kong is the city with the very finest and cleanest toilets. But only in the shopping centers. And not in the restaurants.

– Hong Kong is the city where business men after work leave the office and return by boat to their little house on a secluded, quiet, green island.

– Hong Kong is the city which at night often ist visited by feral boars (75% of the city are unsettled: there are huge forests, green areas … and accordingly boars.)

– Hong Kong city is only one side of the island. The other side is mostly green bushland.

– Hong Kong is the city with the most free campsites (in the green!)

– Hong Kong is the city with the most skyscrapers and the (by far !!!) smallest hotel rooms (our room – incl. bathroom – was approx 10 square meters).

– Hong Kong is the city where you can walk safely even in the middle of the night.

– Hong Kong is a city where pregnant women always get offered a seat in the subway.

– Hong Kong is the city where we never got bored. Not even after 9 days. And we would go back there any time!

– … and at least: Silvan and Vero are the two travelers who now go to sleep after a long day of traveling. All the best from Mandalay (Myanmar).

(more pictures under „Fotos Aisen“ / „Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore“

Hong Kong in the day...

Hong Kong in the day…

...and in the night

…and in the night

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