12 months on the road – 12 answers to 12 question

12 months – one year have we been traveling. And we are still not a bit tired! As a „special“ for our 12-month anniversary, we provide answers to 12 questions that might be of great interest for our „public. Have Fun!

  1. The most beautiful experience

Impossible to answer! It can simply not be put into words what we have experienced in 12 months traveling. To answer the question at least a bit: The warmth, generosity and hospitality that we have experienced again and again are probably the biggest and best part of our journey. No sight, no tourist attraction can keep up with that!

  1. The most beautiful travel destination

Each country has its charms, pros and cons. For Veronica, the most beautiful travel destination would be China with its diverse cuisines and unique culture.

Silvans favorite is India: This country offers live theater 24 hours a day. No other country is so diverse, magical, wierd and enchanting at the same time!


  1. Our „secret tip

Russia! This country suffers – completely unjustified – for many Europeans a very bad reputation. You have to experience Russia itself, to experience the beauty of this land and the warmth of its people. The completely „starved“ and constantly drunken Russians in the „all-inclusive hotels“ in south Turkey unfortunately convey a completely false picture of this wonderful country.

St. Basil Church

St. Basil Church

  1. The most annoying moment 

We were taught by the Buddhists to annoy us as little as possible. But as a dog ate our two (!) Electric toothbrushes, our patience was really challanged!

  1. The greatest danger

Poisonous snakes, crocodiles, scorpions … all these wild animals and still many more have we looked directly into the eyes. „More dangerous than any wild animal is man!“, Told us a long time ago an old Indian. How right he is! If you respect animals and adheres to recommended precautionary measures, one gets hardly in dangerous situations.

The greatest threat so far was clearly the road: We had more than once a guardian angel. Also dangerous are drunken people: They are – compared to wild animals – unfortunately totally unpredictable.

  1. What we miss the most

The food from Switzerland and Ecuador. How often would we love to bite into a crispy sausage or a really stinky Swiss cheese! And once again to see a game of FC St. Gallen would be a desirable luxury – at least for Silvan.


  1. This makes us sad

… That there is still so much poverty and misery in the world. If we had not seen it ourselves, we would not believe it.

… That in some countries, we are still so far away from equality between men and women.

… That there are still countless wars in July 2015 and no end is in sight. Money, power, religion. Is it worth dying for?

  1. Are you never sick of traveling?

No! And this will surely never happen! Too much is there still to discover and experience. For us there is nothing more exciting than foreign countries and cultures.

We are filled with the deepest gratitude for all that we have experienced so far and will be allowed to experience in the future! (Of course, we occasionally also feel „travel lows.“ But these are not worth talking about.)

with our Chinese friends on the top of Mount Hua

with our Chinese friends on the top of Mount Hua

  1. What we think about life in Switzerland…

Switzerland is probably one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Just a pity that everything revolves around work and earning money. „I have no time“ or „I have stress“ are unfortunately the standard vocabulary of Mr and Mrs Swiss. Only when we fall in a (health) deep, we realize what life would have (had) to offer. Too sad that so many people only speak of their dreams and never dare to realize them.

10. Tips for traveling

Be honest, authentic and curious. Treat people always with decency and respect. Be tolerant of those who think differently. Get out of your „comfort zone“ and let adventures happen. Trust your gut feeling … and be thankful that you have the chance to travel. Too many people don’t even have the chance to leave their country!


  1. How will we continue with „our“ Myanmar-school

In August, we will travel for the third time to Myanmar, to teach English. Meanwhile we founded with friends from Switzerland an association in order to realize projects in the field of education and health for „our“ school. More information to follow – we appreciate your support!


  1. What are your next projects?

Pictures say more than a 1000 words:


A small but great surprise took place: In the future, we probably will have to reserve a third seat in the planes ☺

We are thrilled for this event and are grateful for it!

(Our curent Australia-Report „No stress down under“ is further down on this page)

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