No Stress „down under“ (english)

Already 10 weeks in Australia

Before we begin with the travel report, here a little riddle:

In which monster-animal’s eyes looks Vero here that she makes such terrible face? You will find the answer at the end of this report …


So let’s get started …

Stress ?? What is that? The last time we had stress was … when we started our trip exactly 12 months ago. In the meantime, we have banned this word from our vocabulary. In particular, the last eight weeks here in Australia were anything but stressful. We are currently experiencing the most quietest weeks of the whole trip so far. And that is – according to the current situation – a good thing. But what happened in the last couple of weeks?

After our campervan-tour through the Australian outback, we made the first stop in Proserpine, a small town on the east coast. For three weeks, we lived and worked in a small campsite, where we helped with the catering and cleaning. Kay and Ray, the owners of the camp, made us from the very beginning feeling like family members – we spent a lot of time with them, and they thaught us the real Australian way of life (BBQ, beer, rugby … and endless generosity and warmth). One oft he most fascinating things oft he camp was the big fridge in the size of a living room: A true land of plenty, wchichs, contents were free available for us day and night. We gladly would have stayed longer with Kay and Ray and their lovely family – but we had to go north to Cairns to sell our campervan on time.

on an excursion with Kay & Ray

on an excursion with Kay & Ray

Veronica and Kay preparing Pizza for 70 guests

Veronica and Kay preparing Pizza for 70 guests

the very best fridge in the world...!!!

the very best fridge in the world…!!!

In Cairns (where we still are), we live and work with Michelle: For „food and accommodation“, we help with various repair and renovation work in her home, do cooking, take the dogs daily wor walks on the beach… and enjoy the beautiful excursions and conversations with our wonderful „boss“: Michelle loves the nature and national parks around Cairns. And her passion for it is highly contagious! Again and again she brings us to hidden natural beauties that remain hidden from the „normal“ tourists. She surprises us with picnics on the most remote places in the Daintree rainforest. This rainforest north of Cairns deserves special explanation: As the oldest rainforest in the world, he is a real gem! Between gigantic trees, giant ferns, palms, wild streams and impenetrable thicket one can imagine easily how our planet must have looked like, when it was still inhabited by dinosaurs.

Silvan painting the gutter

Silvan painting the gutter

lovely waterfall-breakfast with our gorgeous "boss" Michelle

lovely waterfall-breakfast with our gorgeous „boss“ marvelous Michelle

Daintree National Park

Daintree National Park

Actually, everything is wonderful – if it were not still our campervan which we should sell before our departure of Australia. Slowly we get into time pressure (we deliberately do not want to use the word „stress“). Because already on 23 July we fly via Singapore to Hong Kong, before we fly on August 8 for the third time to „our“ school in Myanmar.

If you want to know why we are so much enjoying the momentary calm times here in Cairns, and why our next travel months should be rather quiet and stress-free, you are most welcome to read the article above „12 months – 12 questions – 12 answers“. The answer ist fo find in the last question – question number 12.

Oh, and here is the solution to the riddle at the beginning, why Vero looks sooooo anxious:

DSC_7331 - Arbeitskopie 2

The „horrible monster“ only turns out to be a harmlesss kangaroo that just wants to be friendly and say „Hellol“ to Veronica by (very surprisingly though!!) shaking her hand. Here in Australia, the kangaroos are just more well behaved!

Kind regards – until the next report (expected in mid-August).

Silvan & Veronica



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