First steps in Australia

Why going to Australia ??? 17 of the 20 most poisonous snakes and spiders in the world live on this continent, in the waters are polluted with up to 7 meter long crocodiles, and you can swim anyway nowhere, because the sea is infested with deadly boxing Jellyfishes and sharks. So again: Why Australia?


Honestly, it was an extremely spontaneous decision: On the Internet we found a very cheap flight to Darwin – a few clicks, a day stay in Kuala Lumpur, and we were in Australia. (The fact that we were traveling with the infamous „Malaysa Airlines“ made the whole thing even a little more exciting, but despite all the negative headlines of this airline: the flight was wonderful!) After arriving in Darwin, we knew at first did not know what we should do. After more than nine months Asia we needed at the beginning a few moments to find our way in the „western world“ again. Our plan was it to buy a campervan in order to explore the „Red Continent“ on your own. And this went surprisingly fast and uncomplicated: After just three days, we were already owners of an old campervans, and only two days later we set off into the „wild Australian Outback!“


That everything went so quickly and smoothly is thanks to two wonderful people: Dino and Winnie. We had the good fortune to get to know this Australian-Taiwanese couple shortly after we arrived in Darwin. They helped us right from the start with advice and assistance when buying a car and helped us to prepare the old van for our adventure. Most importantly, however, were Dinos advice about life (and survival) in the Outback: The proper handling of wild animals, bush fires, small car repairs … In short: Everything you need to know for traveling in this for us brandnew world. For example, it is most important to always have a extra container with fuel in your car. Fuel stations are sometimes several hundred kilometers away from each other – but this does not mean that if one arrives there with an empty tank that fuel is actually available.

Dino, Winney & Zoey

Dino, Winney & Zoey


The vastness, the loneliness and the endless distances in Australia are something truly special and for us Europeans simply unimaginable! You have to experience it to believe it! Bernie, a pub musician me met on the way, explained us that his „work area“ hast he size of several hundred square kilometers. He „supplies“ regularly several pubs in the Northern Territory with his live music. To do so, he travels sometimes 350 km through the most remote areas from one pub to the next to play for farmers, drivers and miners (The term „remote pub“ means: a lonely pub on the road, the nearest house 20 minutes and the next village an hour away.)


On our trip we visited, among many others, the world-famous Kakadu or the (much nicer) Light Field National Park with its refreshing waterfalls and pools. Always impressive were the red shining sunsets and probably the clearest and most beautiful sky of stars, as you probably only can see it in the Australian outback! Our journey took us further to the Katherine Gorge, to Edith Falls and towards Tennant Creek to the probably largest pearls in the world, the „Devils Marbles“. Of course, not everything went quite smoothly, and every now and than we got really afraid: for example, there was this bush fire which surprised us suddenly, as we enjoyed the evening peacefully on a remote campsite with a glass of wine. Or the dingo (Australian wild dog), who showed a little too much interest in Veronica („he only wanted to play!“). Or the snake that suddenly surprised us on a hiking trail (normaly we always wore shoes for walking – but precisely on that day we were with sandals!). But everything went off easily – the mentioned dangers at the beginning of the article are in fact much less dramatic than they seem to be! If you follow some minimum rules, you will almost certainly never be in danger! In our case, the mentioned bush fire was under control by the authorities (which of course we learned only after!), the dingo would probably have left Vero alone even without our intervention, and the snake did exactly what probably all the snakes do when they perceive a man: It moved away instantly.

...also Krocs!

…also Krocs!


What we value most here „down under“ are the openness, friendliness, serenity and humor of the Australians. People here always seem to have a solution for everything – „the Aussie way of life!“. And if there is no solution, then you can treat yourself a few drinks and watch how the world looks like the next day. „No worries, mate!“ Is a motto that has transferred in the meantime also to us.

Particularly impressed were we by the unconditional helpfulness and hospitality we have encountered here. Representatives of these are Dino and Winnie: Neither have we met the two oft hem before, nor were we family or relatives: yet they treated us right from the start as best friends and supported us in all respects. Without them, our previous trip would hardly have been so beautiful and happy. Or Ray and Kay, on their campsite where we lived and worked recently, who can not be surpassed in generosity … But what we exactly did in this camp and what we are heading for next, you read it in early July here on our blog. Stay tuned in…


Want to know how it goes on with our Myanmar project? Sorry, we need to ask you for a little more patience. Just this: We are very active! We hope that we can inform more in the next report.

Devils Marbles

Devils Marbles

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