Back in the „Land of Gold“

The Golden Rock

The Golden Rock

It was a special feeling, tob e back in „our“ school in Myanmar after more than three months. We left the place in late November with the most beautiful experiences and memories. How would it be this time? Will they still recognize us? Wouldn’t it have been better just to keep on traveling with the beautiful memories of the past and never come back?

No! We were convinced that we were doing the right thing, doubts and uncertainties were deleted immediately at the time we got to school. When we arrived, we were immediately greeted warmly by our former students and friends. At this point it was clear that the two of us just belong here!


Education and Health

Our last mission in November, unfortunately was very short with just two weeks. Not so much oft he English that the children learned back than was left. Once again we realized that if we really want to achieve something sustainable, we have to stay longer in place. However, our first mission was extremely important: We have created a solid foundation for our future missions and this enabled us to establish trusting relationships with students, teachers and the principal. Right on the second day, we started working again. While Silvan mostly confined to lecture in English, I also worked to organize the small school clinic.


Marriage in the morning

The days flew by, and every day brought new encounters and exciting experiences. Once, for example, we were invited for a wedding of a master: Compared to „our“ wedding ceremonies in the „western world“, the party in Myanmar starts already at 7 in the morning. The Gents are greeted with cigarettes, and ladies get flowers. Than comes a colorful ceremony with an endless photo shooting with bride and groom. And then the guests are being served (almost like breakfast) an endless amount of cake and ice cream until you just can’t eat it any more. And even then the clock strikes 11 am and the wedding ends. We were very glad that we had the unique chance to be guests at this beautiful event.


The happy wedding couple


As guests, we were dressed in the traditional Myanmar dress.

As guests, we were dressed in the traditional Myanmar dress.

Plans for the future …

Although we are used to the warmth of the people of Myanmar, we were astonished again and again by their kindness. Daily we were surprised with small gifts from students, friends or complete strangers. And no matter where you look, people always respond with a smile! No other smile all over the world is so warm and honest.

Although we sleep on the floor, we bathe in dirty water and disclaim all amenities, we feel more comfortable Myanmar than anywhere else.

As already hinted, we plan to return to the „Land of Gold“ in August or September 2015 for the third time and plan to stay for about 6 months. Only then can we continue our long-term project and sustainably and we can provide a bit of a better future for more than 2100 children. We are also trying to establish an organization and raise funds to implement projects. (You will get more information about it around June here in the blog.) We do this not for political, religious, and certainly not for economic reasons, but simply because we feel we are doing the right thing and the best reward is the smiles thank us.

Almost we can not wait to return to Myanmar.

Would it not be nice if every student had at least his own bed?

Would it not be nice if every student had at least his own bed?

Travel south!

First, our journey takes us in a completely different direction: the next three months we will spend in „Down Under“ (Australia). It is less for traveling, but more for learning English. We are excited to once again have real beds, eating pizzas, muesli and all the other delights that our „body and soul“ of the Western world needs!

Want to know what Australia offers more beside kangaroos and koalas? Or are you interested in supporting our „Project of Myanmar“? Stay tuned – by early June you will be supplied with more news !!!

Best regards,

Silvan & Vero

P.S: More pictures under Fotos Asien/Myanmar 2


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