For all our English speaking friends

We deeply apologize that our last posts were only in German or Spanish. This is due to bad internet connection in Mongolia and China. Let us summarize in brief what we did in the last two months:

We spent in total almost 4 weeks in Mongolia, which was a great experience. Very impressive was a 9-day trip through Gobi, the typical Mongolian landscape. We lived very easy in this time – that means, we slept in gerts (jurts), and tried lots of local food, such as cheese or horsemilk. Of course, we also tried some camel and horseback-riding! A beautiful experience was a one-week-trip to Lake Khovsgol, in the northern part of Mongolia. This lake is surrounded by beautiful nature, forests and mountains.

After Mongolia, we went by train further down to south, to China. In China, we met and old friend. Together, we went to see the impressive Terra Cotta-Army in Xi’an and we hiked on top of Mount Hua, which is considered to be one oft he five holy mountains of China. From Xi’an, we flew down south where we took part on a three days Yangtse-River-Cruise. After spending 18 hours in the train, we arrived in Guangzhou. We worked for about 10 days on an organic farm close to Guangzhou, which was an amazing and unforgettable experience! Due to political problems in Hongkong, which was supposed to be our next destination, we changed our plans and flew to a country in which we have always be interested in: Souht Corea.

If you want to know more about our South Corea trip, please read the article: „South Corea – Nothing to see but very nice to be!“ Thanks for reading our blog – from now on, we definitely will frequently write in English, too!

Best wishes, Silvan & Veronica

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