Here we go: through Prague and Poland through the Baltic States

Hard to believe: It’s been more than three weeks that we have left our home and traveled to the big wide world! On one hand, these three weeks now seem to be very short – on the other hand we have experienced in this time so much that we now need a little break. Therefore, we are staying 4 nights at the same place (in Tallinn / Estonia).

But what has happened so far:

Pretty tired and overworked, we boarded the night train to Prague in Constance on July 12. When the train has set off, we knew precisely what kind of an important moment now (finally) has come, but somehow, we could not believe it.

From Prague, we were very pleasantly surprised – this city, which used to have a pretty bad reputation before, seemed beautiful to us and can keep up easily with cities such as Paris or London.

The next destination was Krakow in Poland. Again, we were impressed by the beautiful old town. A visit to the concentration camp Auschwitz / Birkenau turned us rather sad – about 2 million people are partially perished in this camp in the most cruel manner. Behind any dead lies a fate, a life, a story …

Again and again we encountered sad but also amazing memories and events of the Second World War: For example, the Warsaw Old Town, which was completely destroyed during the war and shortly thereafter faithfully reconstructed. If we had not known this, we would have been convinced that the building would be several hundred years old.

In Vilnius (Lithuania) we rented bicycles to ride with the aim to Riga (Latvia). The Baltic States are for us until now the big surprise of this trip: Had we known before, how much have these three countries (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania) to offer, we would be guaranteed earlier traveled here for a vacation. Starting with the beautiful nature, over vast beaches to beautiful cities … Too bad that these countries still have to contend with many prejudices! The people are extremely friendly, the crime rate is very low – and there is plenty to explore and experience up here. We can all highly recommend to take a trip to the Baltic states into consideration!

Our bike tour was a great success. Jointly responsible for this was certainly the weather: While it was raining in Switzerland for weeks,  the Baltics experienced the most beautiful and driest summer for a long time. Had someone told us before the trip that we would spend a beach-weekend at the Baltic Sea in Latvia at 35 degrees, we would have certainly never believed it! Special attention goes to the idyllic camping sites and the beautiful bike paths through unspoilt nature.

We are especially excited now to Russia: In the last few weeks, we have heard so many positive as well as negative about the Russians and their country that it is now high time that we can get an idea of the country and its people. On August 5, we arrive in St. Petersburg. Until then, we still enjoy the beautiful Tallinn-city and the surrounding area.

Wear in Russia really all women’s fur coats? And drinks “Vladimir” really every day a bottle of vodka for breakfast? We keep you up to date …

Best regards,

Veronica & Silvan

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